Fire Bowl
model II

Our answer for cold summer nights

Feuerschale Modell 2 Edel und Garten
Edel und Garten Feuerschalen - Modell 2 - 2 x 1,05 x 0,5 m
Edel und Garten Feuerschalen - Modell 2 - Gewicht: ca. 260 kg

Model II:
2 x 1,05 x 0,5 m
Weight: approx. 260 kg

Why not heat the garden?

Model II is not only for roasting and grilling!

On this surface you will literally juggle with temperatures! Steaks on the one side, Crèpe Suzette on the other side.

Model II offers plenty of space for wood logs in the combustion space and generates a cozy and warm atmosphere over a large surface.

Images contain special equipment/accessories. Please note that fire bowls will get hot outside during operation.

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