Fire Bowl
Model I

Not only the ball is round

Edel und Garten Feuerschale Modell 1 - Ø 1,20 x 0,5 m
Feuerschale Modell 1 Edel und Garten
Edel und Garten Feuerschalen - Modell 1

Model I:
Ø 1,20 x 0,5 m
Weight: approx. 170 kg

The Original Idea

It all startet with Model I. It is important to us to give friends and family a place where no one has to starve or even freeze.

After culinary delights are distributed, or prepared by each of them on the edge, all chairs will be moved closer to enjoy the pleasant warmth originated by the fireplace.

Cold legs of ladies who previously blow up the round are from now on obsolete!

Images contain special equipment/accessories. Please note that firebowls will get hot outside during operation.

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